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 Main activities OF RIME Company:

  • Research and Baseline studies

  • Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

  • Production and dissemination of Learning Materials and Educational Resources

  • Capacity building and assistance of organizations for their development

  • Organization and facilitation of training and workshop sessions

  • Guidance and Counseling for persons, couples, families and specific groups

  • Marketing, Fundraising and ICT related activities (Websites, software packages, docummentary films, etc.)


     Background of RIME Company Ltd

    Many NGOs and some institutions or organizations have the problem of lack of funding, even if the work done is very appreciated and important. Otherwise, staff of these organizations work hardly until they become victim of stress and burnout. Through analysis we did, we saw that some organizations fail to design projects that deserve to be financed, either because of lack of supporting information (baselines), lack of skills needed to develop proposals or for projects execution. In other hand, there are professionals able to execute such activities who still underexploited or even unexploited. Through training of RIME COMPANY LTD members in different areas and their practical experience, we made available to such organizations "RIME COMPANY LTD" in order to contribute to achievement of their objectives.

     Why is RIME COMPANY LTD important for you?

    RIME COMPANY LTD (Research, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation) is a private organization created for the improvement of psychosocial wellbeing, health, human rights and development through technical assistance to institutions intervening in these areas. The vision of RIME COMPANY LTD is availability of needed information for development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects in mentioned fields; and easy access to competent human resource for the effective execution of these works. It is in that perspective that RIME COMPANY LTD has established "Rime Publishing House" and works with CSOs, Private and Government institutions contributing on sustainable development, especially for health promotion. RIME COMPANY LTD is a multi-disciplinary organization that provides sustainable management consulting, advisory, project development and management and training services for both private and public sector. Our business philosophy is to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by delivering TIMELY, INNOVATIVE, COST-EFFECTIVE, and VALUE-ADDED (QUALITY) consulting solutions. RIME COMPANY LTD has the accreditation of Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC) as Continuing Professional Development Provider for Allied Health Professions.
     We Publish useful books for the society!!!!

    In collaboration with experts and professionals, Rime Publishing House has produced many useful books for the society. Our vision is to promote reading and writing culture and skills, because it may not be possible to achieve sustainable development without reading!

    The following books have been already published:

  • The book "Twubake umuryango uhamye. Ubujyanama n'ubufasha mu gukumira no gukemura amakimbirane mu ngo no mu muryango" was written by Narcisse Ntawigenera (Clinical Psychologist) and published by Rime Publishing House.


  • The book "Cyusa Na Munyana. Ubuzima bw'imyororokere mu rubyiruko was also written by Narcisse Ntawigenera, in order to help parents to start the dialogue with their children on sexual and reproductive health


  • The book "Umusoro Wacu 1" was written by Frederic Mugenzi, an dedicated educator, patriot committed to educate youth from early stage to have the culture of paying taxes and to know their importance.


    You can see how the ceremony of publication of 3 books was conducted by writers through collaboration between Catholic University of Rwanda and RIME COMPANY LTD

     Umuhango wo kumurika ibitabo ku bufatanye bwa Catholic University of Rwanda na RIME COMPANY LTD        .

    Other books will be very soon published.

    For writers wishing to publish their books, they can send their request at rimecompany@gmail.com.

    You can also use the same e-mail to request any information on RIME COMPANY LTD services and activities.