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Narcisse Ntawigenera is a Clinical Psychologist, with Master's degrees in Public Health and in Environment Management.

He has a considerable experience in preparation and implementation of projects aimed at fighting against Gender Based Violence, HIV/AIDS, poverty and promotion of human rights.

He has a practical experience in prevention and management of conflicts, counselling and psychosocial reintegration of vulnerable persons, especially Persons Living with HIV, Orphans and Vulnerable Children and marginalized women. From 2005, he worked in different trauma healing projects in Rwanda, as a mental health specialist (psychologist).

Narcisse Ntawigenera is founder and Managing Director of RIME COMPANY LTD.


Senior economist, Dr Emmanuel Ngomiraronka is an experienced consultant in development of public policies.

For RIME COMPANY LTD, Dr. Emmanuel NGOMIRARONKA is in charge of research and other consultancy activities, especially in Agriculture, health and business sector.

Dr. Alphonse Niyodusenga

Health Professional and Researcher, Dr. Alphonse Niyodusenga is a specialist in Medical Physiology, with specialization in Diabetes. He is Physician by profession and Lecturer in various universities.

For RIME COMPANY LTD, Dr.Alphonse Niyodusengais in charge of research, health education, and other consultancy activities, especially in Health sector.

Dr. Emmanuel Muvandimwe

Dr. Emmanuel Muvandimweis Academician and Researcher, with a Doctor of Philosophy in Population studies (PhD). He is a committed scientist with high impact focussed researches. The Research topic for his thesis was “A Study on the role of Community Health Workers in promoting Maternal and Child Health care among women in Ruhango district, Rwanda”.

For RIME COMPANY LTD , Dr. Emmanuel Muvandimwe is Director of Research and Publications.


ICT specialist (Bachelor's degree).

J.M.V. Havugimana is a competent, experienced and a committed Engineer to promote ICT.

He is in charge of supervision of ICT activities in RIME COMPANY LTD.


Journalist by profession (Bachelor's degree).

Viateur Biziman is devoted to social communication.

He is in charge of information, communication,

Public relations and advertisement in RIME COMPANY LTD.

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